Need to keep it up

15 02 2006

So it has been a whole 5 days since i said i would be trying to post a new post every week and i have posted 6 posts it must be a mirical. I don’t even care if no one reads this (or why they would ?) Only links to this blog include One Post At TUAW Chalange still stands i am still going to try and post a new post every week.

If you do read this Blog please post in the comments…




One response

19 02 2006
Caius Durling

I know what its like starting a blog and not having anyone comment 🙂

So here you go!

Just came across your blog from the iTheater Forums (I’m Caius on there) and thought I’d say hey.

Your feed is added to NetNewsWire btw, so I’ll be keeping up to date 🙂

My two sites (that are live) are (the frontpage is there at but it sucks atm ;)) and (not as ashamed of that one heh.)

have fun blogging! I can see you’ve discovered the joys of wordpress and bittorrent, so keep up the cool work, and good luck with college.


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