My Backup Strategy

18 02 2006

HDSo on my PC at home i have alot of work for college, that if i lost i would be in the [shit] so to put it. Until Very recently i didn’t have a backup Strategy, so one day i thought what the hell i grabed the spare 2.3GB Hard Drive lieing on my desk, and cramed it into my PC Box renamed it BACKUP and started looking for some sort of guide. After Googling for about 30 mins i had found this Article at LifeHacker. So i started to Implement it seamed logical.

So i downloaded SyncBack V 3.2.9 (It’s freeware, i know i’m cheap), Installed it and was suprised by the amount of options it had on offer.

I now have two backup profiles running one Daily The other Weekly, These both run between 7 – 8 PM. This allows me to roll back to work i had one night ago or 1 week ago.

This is working well for me and dosn’t cost me a thing, it’s also quite reasurring that i have two coppies of my backed up files on a seperate drive.

Feel free to give it a try,




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27 02 2006

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