Yes, I’m Back

20 08 2006

Yes, i have been neglecting this blog for the last month or two.Been on holiday but now i’m back and love wordpress’s new features.

Got a New main Machine an Apple Power Mac G4.Power Mac G4

and when i get a new power supply for my PC i will write up how to get Apple Remote Desktop 3 Working with a PC over VNC (after i figure it out :))

Till then


Gmail Down

18 05 2006

Gmail has just been down for 10mins


On Another note I have not been posting for awhile (I have been busy and have Revision to do for coming AS Exams probably not much posting if any untill the 12th of june which is my last exam.

Till Then 🙂

100 Spam Email’s

29 04 2006

100 Spam messages within only 15 Days, good thing google’s spam filter caught them all !

Current Desktops

29 03 2006

I Haven posted in a while (Mixture of Having lots of work to do and not having any thing to post about) ,

These are my current Desktops

(Click to See Larger image)

iMac G3 Desktop [Click to See Full Size]

Test from Zoundry

11 03 2006

just a test post from Zoundry

cool it worked !

Starting to Note Bookmarks

5 03 2006

I have decided to start adding notes to my delicious bookmarks, as now with 90+ bookmarks and growing daily it has become one big mess that i’m only now going back to sort (or try). Before now i just clicked post to delicious and clicked a few relevent tags and hit save, Done. Yeah thats great if you just want to quickly bookmarks a page for later on or to switch computers, But in the long term is it really going to help you? And the answer is probably NOT, it will be a huge list of unmarked bookmarks. So i am now going to try and add a note to every new bookmark and maybe go back and edit some to include notes.
If you are interested in seeing my progress, head over to my Delicious page.

Where did my menu bar go?

5 03 2006

Where did the contents of the menu bar go ?

After upgrading frontrow to 1.2.1 , i rebooted and found that the contents of the menu bar were gone!

Luckly for me this guy has writen how to install front row without killing your mac, and a how to fix it if you have already killed it.

All Back to normal. Joy !

Article Here

Update: After getting the menu bar back to normal, i have decided not to install frontrow as iTheater is just as good.