Round up

25 04 2006

As i was shutting down my PC i noticed that the windows update had forced its way on the the shutdown screen where the options are “Standby, Shutdown and Reboot” it had the windows automatic update logo, i then clicked shutdown, and all seamed to be going well when it suddenly said installing update (I hadn’t even told it to install any updates) looks like i will have to install the crack after all sooner rather that later if i start getting the nag screen.(Not that i have a pirated version just that it won’t validate)

Currently I’m laying in bed typing on the mac, maybe i should do more posts when in bed it’s very comfy.I’m also listening to Radio 4 over FM, can you believe they still broadcast the archers !
I may be a little sparce posting, as i have revision to do for AS Exams (in I.T and Business) anyway i’m off to bed now.

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Site Update

8 04 2006

I have just done a quick update with the design and added a search box.

Site Update

Note to self: Find a domain name without add's !

My Backup Strategy

18 02 2006

HDSo on my PC at home i have alot of work for college, that if i lost i would be in the [shit] so to put it. Until Very recently i didn’t have a backup Strategy, so one day i thought what the hell i grabed the spare 2.3GB Hard Drive lieing on my desk, and cramed it into my PC Box renamed it BACKUP and started looking for some sort of guide. After Googling for about 30 mins i had found this Article at LifeHacker. So i started to Implement it seamed logical.

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Day Off

14 02 2006

Today i had a day off college due to a cold, i was buring up and felt like Crap.

I have also uploaded the site i have been experimenting with using CSS a concept very new to me (so yeah it is crap)