Removing IntelliTXT Ads using Adblock

21 11 2006

Here I will show you how to remove IntelliTXT (In-Text Advertising) from web-pages you visit using the popular firefox extention Adblock.

Here we go, install the firefox add-on adblock from here then restart firefox. Then Go to Tools > Adblock > Preferences(or press CTRL + SHIFT +P ). Click the text entry where it says new Filter and enter


this will block anything with

To Test you have done it correctly visit here OnTheBox and you should see the page without
intellitxt adds (also disable adblock and see the differance ! but remember to enable it again)

If this Helped you Please Leave a Comment.


Pimp out Netvibes

12 10 2006

If you are bored with netvibes current look you can add a modual from the ecosystem called “Netvibes Customize”

to learn more go here.

Add to Netvibes

I tricked mine out with Windows Vista background, no netvibes footer , 80% Opacity blocks and 90% Feed Opacity and it looks prety danm good.

If you customize your netvibes pages leave a link in the comments to a screenshot.

The wonder that is text smoothing

4 10 2006

You may be unaware of it but if you are using Mac OS X you probably see text smoothing being used all the time. Yes, this is what makes the text on your screen super smooth and silky looking.

This feature can be controled to a certian degree from System Preferances and going to Appearance, from here you can choose the font smoothing style for your monitor.

It also allows you to turn off Text smoothing for Text bellow a certian font size (The lower the better if you like OS X’s text the way it is) For Example of the differance it makes to what you will see (See below Screen shots)

Google search buttons with and without text Smoothing.


Google Calendar Event Times with and without text smoothing.

Microsofts WGA Tool Cracked Again 25th April

25 04 2006

For a STEP BY STEP on how to remove it follow this Tutorial

I have Yet to use it as i carn’t be bothered Updating yet (Got work to do)But will do it within the next day or 2 and see if it works
Get it Here File Down So every one else can get it and stop the Nagging (See Pic Below)


Apparently The Nagging of people that arnt WGA Validated will Start on the 26th Of April 2006.

Microsoft hopes that by notifying users that they are not eligible for all security upgrades it will drive more users to purchase a legal copy of Windows

Within less than 24Hrs it has been Cracked …….Priceless

See HERE for info on how to remove it.

Edit : I’did install the WGA update and i had the naggs (Pop-ups and tray icon)for about a day but Then used the WGA Removal tool to remove it, and used automatic updates to get the MS updates. and all was well.

Links To Removers !

Torrent Link For WGA Removal toolAnother Torrent LinkAnother link to WGA Remover

Playing Podcasts in Netvibes

24 04 2006

To play podcasts in Netvibes get the xml feed and click Add content on you Netvibes page, then click add my feed and enter the podcast xml address and click add.

add content.png

Netvibes will then verify the feed and add’s it to the page.

then to play, click the episode you want to play, and click Listen.

then you can listen to the podcast while you get up-to-date with your RSS feeds or just surf the web.

Windows Stand By

12 03 2006

I have found hibernate annoying in the past as it takes just as long to startup normaly as it does to resume from hybernation.

But today i descovered the great feature that is Windows Stand By, I stumbled upon this when wanting to quickly shutdown however instead of clicking Turn Off I just hit enter, thus putting my computer into stand by mode.

Windows Stand By

Stand By allows you to turn the computer off and leave it in a low power (Enough to keep the memory alive) consumption mode (Sleep), it can then be woken by the press of a key or the movement of a mouse. Within a few seconds Resuming the computer from right where you left off (open windows and all). This is great when you are not downloading or scanning for viruses, as it allows you and your computer to have a little break without shuting down completely.

Slow Minimize

5 03 2006
Slow Minimize
Slow Minimise is one cool feature of OS X, To take advantage use Shift + Click Minimize. This should bring Great delight to your day .The speed that it Minimizes at is approximately five times slower than normal speed. This can also be used when Showing the desktop (Shift + F11) and showing all windows (Shift + F10)