Slashdot Redesign Contest

2 05 2006

The Tired and very 1995 Looking slashdot is having a re-design contest (Overdue IMO), Afew months ago the changed their site and made the design completly CSS. Now they are having a contest to find a new design, the first few enterys are in and you can check them out here. None of them are particulary striking, but it’s a start. Here’s the comp Rules if you want to enter hurry up as. I would love to enter but am a total novice at CSS and by no means cut out for re-designing slashdot.

1st price is a MacBook Pro

I personaly don’t look at slashdot that often, but do have them syndicated, i prefer Digg just because of look, feel, content and the community.


100 Spam Email’s

29 04 2006

100 Spam messages within only 15 Days, good thing google’s spam filter caught them all !

Great Firefox Ad

29 04 2006

Go here to see it. IMO it should have got 1st prize

Round up

25 04 2006

As i was shutting down my PC i noticed that the windows update had forced its way on the the shutdown screen where the options are “Standby, Shutdown and Reboot” it had the windows automatic update logo, i then clicked shutdown, and all seamed to be going well when it suddenly said installing update (I hadn’t even told it to install any updates) looks like i will have to install the crack after all sooner rather that later if i start getting the nag screen.(Not that i have a pirated version just that it won’t validate)

Currently I’m laying in bed typing on the mac, maybe i should do more posts when in bed it’s very comfy.I’m also listening to Radio 4 over FM, can you believe they still broadcast the archers !
I may be a little sparce posting, as i have revision to do for AS Exams (in I.T and Business) anyway i’m off to bed now.

Sign the EMA for all petition

Microsofts WGA Tool Cracked Again 25th April

25 04 2006

For a STEP BY STEP on how to remove it follow this Tutorial

I have Yet to use it as i carn’t be bothered Updating yet (Got work to do)But will do it within the next day or 2 and see if it works
Get it Here File Down So every one else can get it and stop the Nagging (See Pic Below)


Apparently The Nagging of people that arnt WGA Validated will Start on the 26th Of April 2006.

Microsoft hopes that by notifying users that they are not eligible for all security upgrades it will drive more users to purchase a legal copy of Windows

Within less than 24Hrs it has been Cracked …….Priceless

See HERE for info on how to remove it.

Edit : I’did install the WGA update and i had the naggs (Pop-ups and tray icon)for about a day but Then used the WGA Removal tool to remove it, and used automatic updates to get the MS updates. and all was well.

Links To Removers !

Torrent Link For WGA Removal toolAnother Torrent LinkAnother link to WGA Remover

Playing Podcasts in Netvibes

24 04 2006

To play podcasts in Netvibes get the xml feed and click Add content on you Netvibes page, then click add my feed and enter the podcast xml address and click add.

add content.png

Netvibes will then verify the feed and add’s it to the page.

then to play, click the episode you want to play, and click Listen.

then you can listen to the podcast while you get up-to-date with your RSS feeds or just surf the web.

Macs do Windows, too

17 04 2006

Click to see larger image