Removing IntelliTXT Ads using Adblock

21 11 2006

Here I will show you how to remove IntelliTXT (In-Text Advertising) from web-pages you visit using the popular firefox extention Adblock.

Here we go, install the firefox add-on adblock from here then restart firefox. Then Go to Tools > Adblock > Preferences(or press CTRL + SHIFT +P ). Click the text entry where it says new Filter and enter


this will block anything with

To Test you have done it correctly visit here OnTheBox and you should see the page without
intellitxt adds (also disable adblock and see the differance ! but remember to enable it again)

If this Helped you Please Leave a Comment.

Pimp out Netvibes

12 10 2006

If you are bored with netvibes current look you can add a modual from the ecosystem called “Netvibes Customize”

to learn more go here.

Add to Netvibes

I tricked mine out with Windows Vista background, no netvibes footer , 80% Opacity blocks and 90% Feed Opacity and it looks prety danm good.

If you customize your netvibes pages leave a link in the comments to a screenshot.

NTL Upgrading all basic broadband speeds

11 10 2006

NTL is just finishing upgrading the whole of the UK’s basic broadband speed from 1MB/s to 2MB/s this is currently £17.99 per month, and all existing customers will be upgraded to 2MB by the end of october.

This is very cool and has been a long time coming.

The wonder that is text smoothing

4 10 2006

You may be unaware of it but if you are using Mac OS X you probably see text smoothing being used all the time. Yes, this is what makes the text on your screen super smooth and silky looking.

This feature can be controled to a certian degree from System Preferances and going to Appearance, from here you can choose the font smoothing style for your monitor.

It also allows you to turn off Text smoothing for Text bellow a certian font size (The lower the better if you like OS X’s text the way it is) For Example of the differance it makes to what you will see (See below Screen shots)

Google search buttons with and without text Smoothing.


Google Calendar Event Times with and without text smoothing.

Yes, I’m Back

20 08 2006

Yes, i have been neglecting this blog for the last month or two.Been on holiday but now i’m back and love wordpress’s new features.

Got a New main Machine an Apple Power Mac G4.Power Mac G4

and when i get a new power supply for my PC i will write up how to get Apple Remote Desktop 3 Working with a PC over VNC (after i figure it out :))

Till then

Custom Header Anyone?

25 06 2006

Most wordpress themes now support custom header, which is cool

Now anyone can become the next microsoft teck evangilist, after scoblisers step down.

This blog should resume normal posting soon 🙂 

Gmail Down

18 05 2006

Gmail has just been down for 10mins


On Another note I have not been posting for awhile (I have been busy and have Revision to do for coming AS Exams probably not much posting if any untill the 12th of june which is my last exam.

Till Then 🙂